It’s crucial for financial systems to have sound security measures in place. With criminals finding new ways to hack into security systems, it is vital that solutions be reliable and result-oriented. Hi-safe offers solutions with advanced analytics for multiple facets of banking, ranging from ATMs to Branch offices to Data Centers to Lockers and more.


School and university managers face an enormous responsibility with increasing pressure to strengthen campus safety today. In fact, educators have to sometimes deal with the same problems as local police — drug sales, weapons possession, and gang violence. Hi-safe offers a comprehensive range of solutions to secure campuses and school conveyances effectively.


Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety. Hospitals and clinics are a safe haven for those in physical or emotional need, and increasingly seen as a place of refuge in the event of a large-scale emergency such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack.


Organizations and authorities across the world are discovering the benefits of surveillance in transport. With high definition images, both in real-time and recordings, Hi-safe range of transport surveillance solutions with advanced analytics makes possible for any authorized personnel to access information from anywhere, anytime..


City surveillance is important for ensuring the safety and security of citizens, and deterring crime. By choosing an integrated, digital surveillance system, city officials can see what is happening across their entire city, from a central control room. Choose from Hi-safe security range of highly efficient, reliable and scalable city surveillance solutions


Traffic survelliance in metropolitan cities plays an important role in maintaining the top security standards.this will ensure the security for common people living in urban areas.CCTV will provide support for police in identifying the crime.hi safe security solutions will offer top quality services and products that safeguard city security standards.